Rose 2012 wedding lured many is "stealth accounts"

Wedding Chair up 300 yuan, with the makeup artist is up 500 Yuan, camera up 300 yuan ... ... Just enter in 2012, and marriage-building side of services prices "rub rub" rise, from the hotel to the wedding etiquette video, "up," multinationals. People have compared and found not a wedding, now booking wedding costume prop, was more expensive than last year, nearly 10,000 yuan. But even so, also found the marriage boom among young adults in 2012, only more than 10 days time at the beginning, it already has booked more than more than 30 wedding wedding.


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Ms Tam of the 28 years old with the current boyfriend of two years, feeling solid and just getting married 30 years last year encounters both parents urged the end of marriage. Ms Yu Shitan after consulting with her boyfriend decided to put the wedding in May this year. Run after many consultations, couples finally to table/almost 3000 Yuan price set a wedding hotel, Ms Tam mind, the wedding is over budget, that at the wedding which is a province.  


"no one asked, wedding makeup, everything goes wrong. "She said, found a master of ceremonies, now is 1680 Yuan price, May grow up to 1980; promising a with the makeup artist and the current price is 1500, 2000 Yuan for the coming year; there are slots for dual-camera, and newly married friend of Pao's reference price of 2200 Yuan, but the asking price for the coming year 2660 ... ... 1.1 is to ask Ms Tam into a cocked hat. "Together, wedding far overspending, the price has gone up too far. ”

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wedding cost is rising every year, why 2012 prices makes everyone feel surprised? Has engaged in intimate weddings wedding wedding more than 10 years company docter: "in fact, prices are talent, can roughly calculate a calculate, the cost of a wedding is almost 60% in personnel costs. ”


ceremonies, photography, wedding photography and makeup sessions called "four diamond", their prices are rising year by year. "These years although the emcee and more and more people with the makeup, but experienced a good MC number and with the makeup of the Division is to maintain the status quo. "Qi host makeup school in Qingdao said Chen, Director, master of ceremonies could not meet the market demand, so it will be a price increase.


specializes in love wedding wedding dress wedding gown head Lee some time ago has just introduced a number of new high quality wedding dresses, "cost price up 30% than before, the ratio did get surprised. "Li explained, although price wedding dress through a few times later, but compared to the price decline is unlikely, and the new styles of wedding dresses listed, to highlight new wedding dress prices higher. Virtually every new wedding dresses listed, there will be a price increase. And how much to raise prices, why raise prices, most consumers are not clear.


January to 13 weddings   married people get together this year


careful count, although a lot of wedding costs are rising sharply, but people who get married in 2012 but not less. Many wedding company believe that 2012 is a peak year of marriage.


intimate Weddings Wedding company official Zhang Ling told reporters in Qingdao, January 2012 has identified 13 weddings, average two-day game, but up to now, 2012 wedding has had 36 games, and even a couple more outrageous, direct booking wedding of the year 2013.     


that fiery marriage also exist in other industries, I WEDDING wedding dress shop staff told reporters that the dress had by the end of 2012, and got married in May. "A dress at the same time by two people, it had no choice but to find ways to customize a piece. ”


and specializes in wedding photography, Cao said: "Although the prices are being set but many, May, October has been booked out. Things are fine now, wait until the May estimate many newcomers find their satisfaction with the camera. ”


because of this, some wedding, photography as well as with the makeup artist was also busy in doing one thing: updated equipment, add staff preparing for next year's anniversary.