Harbin hit a wedding photo studio was leaking but fortunately no casualties

Yesterday at 8:30, East Road, No. 233 in daowai district near a construction site, a high pile of about 30 m by workers exposed to maintenance error when tilted down, broken at the top next to a wedding photo studio on the second floor through the roof, but the accident caused no casualties.

13 o'clock, reporters on the scene, street No. 233 by hit is the company called "Furama wedding photography" Studio, pile after the Studio Housing Foundation within a building site more than 10 meters deep. Piling machine consists of two parts, the bottom is an operating room with a track wheel you can move; it is a height of about 30 meters, a diameter of about 1 meter cylinder of heavy machinery, used for piling. At this point, should be inclined lift in the Studio for the vertical piling on top of the two-story house, machinery breaks at the top, No. 235, part machine falling on the street in a primary school in hospital, second floor of the Studio was hit out of a u-shaped Groove, exposing the inside of the wedding. According to wedding shop employees introduced, 8:30 Xu, the shop just door soon, suddenly heard "detonation" of a sound bang, they only feel House a fibrillation, shortly thereafter on heard stone fragmentation dropped and iron block dropped of voice, at housing within three name employees are in a floor, they quickly upstairs view, saw wedding try clothing between and warehouse Zhijian of aisle was hit leak has.

subsequently, the reporter learned from the daowai district administration of work safety, development of the site of the incident to Harbin range real estate development company, contractor for the Sino-Thai construction company. According to a development company in charge, the time of the incident, which maintenance workers were piling machine, pile collapses due to errors due to escape in time, causing no casualties within the site. At present, the Studio head is consultation with the contractor claims, accident is still under investigation.